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Increase Productivity With Our CX Analytics

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To use analytics to empower reps, obtain real-time reporting of important parameters like Average Wait Time (AWT), First Contact Resolution (FCR), accuracy, total active queries, etc.

Make customised dashboards and reports using metrics and success indicators that are pertinent to your company. The icing on the cake is that our no-code, no-delay platform makes it possible for you to personalise reports without the help of a developer.

Look at real-time campaign metrics like active status, direct impressions, engagement, audience reactions, and feedback, and use these nuggets of knowledge to develop fresh business plans and expand your enterprise.

Accurate and validated analytics

Our automatic conversational AI assists you in speaking to each consumer metaphorically. The metrics that are subsequently gathered are accurate, verified, and highly pertinent to "your" audience. It is pure gold dust for any business.